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The National Federation of Hungarian Building Contractors was founded in October 1989. Now it has approximately 190 members. Along the most prestigious Hungarian building contractors, numerous small- and medium-sized enterprises became members of ÉVOSZ, too.

The tasks of ÉVOSZ

  • Representing the interests of Hungarian building contractors on national and international level.
  • Fostering the development of professional ties and exchange of information between member organizations, as well as between Hungarian and international (chambers, associations, authorities) organizations. As a member of international professional associations active participation in the special technical activities of the European Union.
  • Establishing an in detail professional judgement on acts and decrees related to the construction industry, taking initiatives
  • Preparation of member organizations for the utilization of the opportunities offered by the European Union
  • Promotion technical and professional development of the construction industry

ÉVOSZ’ services

  • Providing information on a regular basis to member organizations concerning current issues related to the construction industry
  • Organization of technical presentations, information days and exhibitions
  • Promoting development of mutual professional contacts between partners on national and international level
  • Support of bu­il­ding indus­tri­al spe­cial­ized edu­ca­tion and pro­fes­sion­al train­ing, of inter­na­tion­al exchange pro­gram­s, train­ing of fore­men, and organ­i­za­tion of post-­grad­u­ate train­ings. Con­tact keep­ing with sec­ond­ary schools and high­er level edu­ca­tion­al insti­tu­tions (colleges, universities)
  • Representing interests in the case of professional and ethical issues
  • Fostering development of small- and medium-sized enterprises

Professional sections of ÉVOSZ - Membership in EU Organization

  • ALUTA – Association of Aluminium Window and Facade (EUROWINDOOR)
  • ÉVOSZ-IWTD Section of Hungarian Enterprises Working in Germany
  • Section of Heat and Sound Insulating Contractors (FESI)
  • Section of Prefabricated Building Manufactures (European Prefabricated Building Manufacturers)
  • Section of building constuctors
  • Section of construction project managers
  • Section of Dry Wall Constructors
  • Timber Truss Producers Section
  • Section of Mechanical Industrial Contractors

Professional awards

Following prizes proposed by ÉVOSZ and established jointly with other professional organizations are awarded as recognition of professional excellence: 

  • Awarding of outstanding professionals with „Lechner Ödön Award”
  • Serves the recognition of the high quality construction work
          • Construction Industry Award for Excellence
          • Construction Industry Master Craftsman Award
          • Quality in Dry Wall Construction Awards
          • ALUTA Quality Award

 László KOJI - chairman

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